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Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody

Certification system of the Company allows for conducting PEFC Chain of Custody certification of the following types:

  • Individual Chain of Custody certification;
  • Group Chain of Custody certification.

Chain of custody is the path of forest products from forest to final consumer, which includes all activities of forest logging, processing and realization. PEFC Chain of custody certificate shall be issued to each enitiy, who has a right of possession on PEFC-certified wood (at any stage of chain).

There are several basic variants of PEFC Chain of Custody certification. Due to certification applier’s situation, they can be realized all together or separately. Generally, it is realized the following schemes:

  • PEFC CoC certification of timber logger. This scheme fits when an enterpise buys standing timber from PEFC certified forest site and logs this timber inside PEFC certified forest area;
  • PEFC CoC certification of wood processor. It is the most popular option, an enterprise buys PEFC certified raw materials, processes it and sells PEFC claimed products;
  • PEFC CoC certification of traders. In this case an enterprise does not process forest, but acts as a trade agent or dealer between supplier and final consumer.

The simplest way of PEFC certification is when the enterprise procures only PEFC certified raw materials or certified and non-certified timber and provides separating of this wood at each stage of processing. This is the method of physical separation.

If there is no opportunity for separation of certified and non-certified wood, the enterprise shall provide PEFC complex control scheme of excluding raw materials from doubtfull sources , it means checking input uncertified wood against PEFC requirements.

Evaluation of PEFC DDS includes 3 stages:

  • Evaluation of suppliers’ declaration of the enterprise (documental review),
  • Risk evaluation (documental review),
  • Evaluation of high-risk supplies management (identification of full chain of custody from forest field to enterprise (documental review), conduction of on-site audits of one or several high-risk wood suppliers and evaluation of further actions).

If the enterprise involves contractors in PEFC certified wood processing, these contractors should be included in the scope of PEFC Chain of Custody certificate.

For receiving a PEFC CoC certificate, the enterprise concludes a contract with the certification body, which conducts an evaluation of enterprise against PEFC valid standards.

In the case of successful conduction of main audit, certification body issues PEFC Chain of Custody certificate to the enterprise. In contrast to FSC certificates, PEFC certificate is issued for 3 years.