Certification scope

Certification scope

The scope of certification is an important definition in certification activities. The cost of our services, scope of assessment, timeframes of certification depend on the scope of certification.

The scope of certification for forest management is different from that for chain of custody. For forest management, the scope of certification cumulatively means:

  • an area of forest management units (FMUs);
  • the number and location of FMUs;
  • forest types (boreal / temperate / subtropical / tropical);
  • forest management / internal chain of custody with sales of PEFC 100% certified roundwood.

The number of forest management units (FMUs) within the scope of the certificate determines the certification scheme of a particular forest management enterprise:

  • one or several FMUs within the scope of certification of one forest owner or forest manager provides for the single certification scheme;
  • an association of several forest management enterprises (of 3 or more legal entities managing a number of the FMUs (e.g. a union or association of enterprises)) provides for the group certification scheme.

Group certification is provided for state forestry units of Russia.

Group certification is impossible, when rentors, who operate more than 50% of areas of forest, decline certification process. In this case, certificate is issued to a forest division. The members of regional certification are rentors on long term leasing conditions, enterprises, concluded short-term purchase and sale agreements on standing timber, forestry stations (independent agencies). Certification scope covers forest fields, which holders executed declaration of inclusion to certification procedure.

The scope of chain of custody certification cumulatively includes:

  • a list of chain of custody participants and production sites used in production (storage, processing, labeling and other operations) of PEFC product groups;
  • a list of the enterprise’s production operations performed in production of PEFC product groups;
  • a list of PEFC product groups the enterprise may sell with PEFC claims (x% certified PEFC);
  • PEFC input categories (PEFC certified, included in DDS, uncontrolled materials);
  • PEFC claim control system;
  • availability of contractors involved in production of PEFC product groups;
  • a list of applicable PEFC standards the assessment will be carried out against.

FC may issue a chain of custody certificate to more than one site or one chain of custody participant. The following options are available:

  • a chain of custody certificate for one organization (single chain of custody certificate) covering one or more sites as parts of the same chain of custody participant; or several chain of custody participants operating under the eligibility criteria;
  • a group chain of custody certificate covering, in its turn, several small enterprises operating as the group chain of custody participants;
  • a multi-site chain of custody certificate covering several participating sites (they may be different legal entities).