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PEFC History

PEFC History

Forest certification is the reaction of world society initiative on the problem of protecting . It was developed as a result of the 1992 UN EARTH Summit in Rio, which defines “sustainable development” as a common goal of human development.

As organization PEFC was founded in 1999 year, it was an answer to the specific requirements of small forest owners and families of forest managers, as international umbrella organization providing independent estimation, approvement and recognition of national forest certification schemes.

PEFC responded to the need for elaboration of mechanism, providing national standards developments, which fit political, economics, social, ecological and cultural realities of particular countries. At the same time, this mechanism was to provide accordance of international accepted requirements and to receive global recognition.

After succesfull recognition of certification schemes among Europian countries, standards of Australia and Chile were the first out-of-Europe standards accredited by PEFC in 2004 year.

Criterias of PEFC certification are based in global accepted princeples, guidelines and criterias, developed by international and interstate bodies with a wide range of concerned parties.

The main dates

PEFC was founded in 1999 year by National organisations of 11 diffrent countries, which represented a wide range of interests and promoted sustainable forest management especially among small-sized forest management enterprises.

PEFC accredited first national system in 2000 year providing allowance to forest managers of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Austria for certification of their forest management systems.

In 2001 year for integration of social aspects in its operation scope, PEFC became the first global forest certification body, which started demanding meeting of fundamental rules of Interntional Labour Organization Convention within forest management certification.

2001 year became remarkable for integration of social and ecological associations representatives with PEFC international Director Committee.

In 2010 year PEFC became the first Global body of forest certification due to including social aspect of Chain of Custody certification.

Russian national standard of Forest management was approved by PEFC in 2009 year for the first time and for the second in 2016 year.