New certifications

Notifications to the stakeholders about new FSC Forest management certifications (re-certifications) are posted in this section. In accordance with the requirements of the certification system, the certification body shall hold stakeholder consultations at least 6 weeks prior to the audit to determine their opinion about the forest industry company and obtaining information about it from different sources. Thus, the auditor can obtain some important information about the company as early as before the audit.

The goal of the forest management certification is to verify compliance of a particular forest management system with the FSC environmental, social, and economic aspects. The requirements related thereto are set out in the relevant standards.

You can have access to the forest management standard from our website.

Forest Certification LLC is an independent certification body and interested in getting objective stakeholder opinion regarding forest management and forestry procedures of the audited enterprises.

We kindly ask the stakeholders to timely fill out the following questionnaire Stakeholder interview form Eng. Additional information can be sent in any convenient format.

Your expertise and opinion as a stakeholder are important to us since it could help us adequately assess the activities of the enterprises. Stakeholder consultations are an integral part of the assessment and include both questionnaires and personal meetings and interviews during the evaluation. If you want to meet with the auditors during the main audits, please notify the Lead Auditor of Forest Certification LLC not less than 5 days before the start of the audit.

The schedule of the main (re-certification) audits is to be posted in this section.

After the main (re-certification) audits, the auditors draft their reports. Their short versions (Public Summaries) are available in the FSC database, where they are to be posted in case of a certificate issued.

All arising disputes or complaints against the certificate holders are examined by the Head of the Certification Body and an independent Dispute Settlement Committee. The Procedure of Consideration of Complaints and Appeals of Forest Certification LLC can be found here.

Forest Certification LLC guarantees confidentiality to the persons consulted by surveying without participation and without notifying the employees of the evaluated company. The obtained information is reflected in the evaluation report of the applicant; at your request, the report can state either only the name of the organization or only the name of the respondent without specifying the place of work and position.

Please send all your addresses to one of the following:

  • Postal address of the certification body: Russia, 121096, Moscow, ul.Osennyaya, 17, korpus 1, the office I, room. 146;
  • Director of Certification Programs, Alexey Savulidi: tel./fax+7-812-384-69-88 or by e-mail to