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Forest Management

Forest Management

Forest management (FM) certification is carried out for enterprises that own or lease the forest fund. I.e. the object for FSC FM certification is a forest unit under long-term lease or owned by the enterprise.

Forest management operations are audited against FSC requirements, referenced in Regional and General FM standards. Regional standards are developed for a particular country/region and approved by FSC International.

If a country does not have Regional FM standard, certification bodies use General standards, which are adapted to specific conditions of the country/ region. For example, in Russia since 2013 year we have been applying Russian national Forest Management standard, otherwise in Ukraine we use adapted version of “Forest certification” LLC General standard of Forest management.

For downloading these standards, go to Documents.

Certification of Forest management covers wide range of questions related to forest management (work safety, social policy, mutual relationships of the enterprise with stakeholders, complex of ecological aspects, financial stability and etc.).

Scope of Forest management certificate usually includes internal chain of custody. This part of enterprise management system is responsible for wood flow from the moment of its harvesting till the moment of passing of the title to the other legal entity and for procedure of disposing of wood with certification application.

If the scope of forest management certificate excludes internal chain of custody, then enterprise can not dispose converted wood as FSC certified (in this case a tree will lost FSC certified status, when it is cut down). FM certificates without a chain of custody fit to enterprises, which sell standing timber. After receiving an FM certificate the enterprise will be able to sell «FSC 100%» round timber.

For calculation of certification price for your enterprise, please fill in the relevant form. If your company not only harvests round-wood, but also processes it, you shall certify a chain of custody, in this case you will be able to sell final product as FSC certified.