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Controlled Wood in FM

Controlled Wood in FM

Certification system of FSC Controlled Wood in Forest Management (CW/FM) is conducted for the companies – owners or leasers of forest unit. The object of FSC Controlled Wood Certification for Forest Management Enterprises (FME) is a unit of forest, taken for long-term lease or owned by an enterprise.

Controlled Wood assessment for forest management is regulated with the Standard FSC-STD-30-010 “FSC controlled wood standard for forest management enterprises”, that is developed for FME use at the level of forest management unit (FMU).

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Above mentioned Standard implies FME with opportunity to supply FSC Controlled Wood to COC certified companies for its mixture with FSC-certified material for producing FSC Mix products.

Compliance with this Standard allows to FME to prove that their wood has nothing of the five following statements:

  • Illegally harvested wood;
  • Harvested wood with disturbance of indigenous people livelihood and civil rights;
  • Harvested wood in high conservational values forests;
  • Harvested wood on plantations or non-forest land;
  • Harvested wood from genetically modified forests.

The scope for CW/FM certification includes inner chain of custody. This company management system relates to wood transfer from its harvesting to the point of changing legal entity for physical possession. Also it covers the procedure of realization of wood with a certification claim.

As soon as the FSC CW/FM Certificate is issued, the company gets an opportunity to supply round wood material with the claim «FSC Сontrolled Wood» from forest units which included in the scope of certification.

FSC Controlled Wood is not FSC-certified, it has so-called intermediate status between FSC-certified and non-controlled wood. The status «FSC Сontrolled Wood» guarantees at least legality of this material.

Besides there number of limitations, for example, FSC Controlled material cannot be labeled with the FSC Trademark. Wood with the claim «FSC Сontrolled Wood» can be sold only to FSC COC and CW certificate holders.