Certification services

Certification services

Forest management certification is developed for organizations which manage forests. It can be both government managed bodies, and privately-owned companies.

Chain of Custody certification is for enterprises, which trade and/or process wood fiber. It can be certified processors, trade houses, printing offices and etc.

The FC certification system provides for the possibility of carrying out FSC certification on the following schemes (excluding SLIMF certification):

  • FSC single FM certification;
  • FSC group FM certification;
  • FSC single CoC certification;
  • FSC group CoC certification;
  • FSC multi-site CoC certification (certification of several sites);
  • FSC CW certification of forest enterprises and trade mediation enterprises (against FSC-STD-40-005 requirements);
  • CW/FM certification (against FSC-STD-30-010 requirements).

On the results of evaluation, enterprises receive five-year FSC certificates. More detailed information you can find on relevant pages of our website.