Certification Advantages

Certification Advantages

The topic of generation of maximal profit of an FSC certificate is one of the most sensitive and widely discussed. There is general agreement, that after receiving the certificate an enterprise can get some advantages, such as following:

  • Improving image of enterprise at local and regional levels;
  • Building up mutually beneficial relations with the locals and ecological organizations;
  • Increasing of business asset capitalization (what is very important in the case of preparations of business for sale or consolidation);
  • Entering into or providing a foothold in the ecologically sensitive markets (USA, EU, Japan, Australia);
  • Enhancing the value of FSC certified products, this advantage is more obvious in front of the demand for certified raw materials at Chinese and Japanese markets;
  • Increasing investment attractiveness of logging business.

At the moment the major motivation for FSC certification is legislative changes of developed countries, which control legality of forestry origin. It is about Lacey act in USA (from 2009 year, 1 April), Public procurement law (Japan, UK), EU Timber Regulation (from 2013 year, 4 March).

Foreign customers prefer certified products not only because of an FSC claim. FSC certificate demonstrates the business stability and long-term aims, as certification is not about “up-to-the-minute” profit.

Tengible effect by FSC is a more difficult and debating point. On the back of our longstanding experience, we clearly define, that FSC certificate does not mean rising of product value for sure. It is very important to pay attention to promotion of the product, advertising, marketing. FSC claim on the product produces added value, but anyway only enterprise itself can sell the product.

Except the certificate, the process of preparation to certification teaches managers to use the range of simple and clear tools for running a business, arranging document flow, awareness of the personnel with external and internal requirements, definition of significant values for analysis, for raising to high level the system of perspective and operative planning and etc., and as the result, the tool for building up Management System of your enterprise.

Exactly this advantage should be considered as the major, on the equal ground with the possibility of increasing value of FSC certified products.

It should not go unspoken the advantage of forest certification for the region, where it takes place. Sustainable forest management, conservation of biodiversity, respect of local residents’ rights and indigenous people, decreasing the risks of worker’s injuring due to high-quality protecting clothes and means of individual protection.

This list of FSC certification advantages by no means is complete. Therefore not only logging and wood processing enterprises are interested in this process, but also local and regional governments, ecological organizations and associations of local residents.