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Types of Certificates

Types of Certificates

There are several types of FSC certificates:

  • Forest management certificates (FM) — for timber enterprises (mixed FM and CoC certificates can be issued)
  • Chain of custody certificates (CoC) — for convertors or traders (“double” certificates of CoC and FSC CW can be issued).
  • Controlled wood in Forest management certificates (CW/FM)— for logging enterprises, which are not ready to receive Forest management certificate due to various reasons.


If an enterprise combines uncertified raw materials of non-certified suppliers with certified raw materials within the harvesting, processing and purchasing, it can receive FM/CoC and CoC/CW certificates.

If an enterprise is a manufacturer or a trader, it can receive chain of custody certificate (CoC) and extend its scope of application up to FSC controlled wood COC/CW.

Possessing forest fund and certified after FSC-STD-30-010 standard logging enterprise can receive CW/FM certificate.

One of the primest advantages of FSC certification is that not only forest can be certified; in other words, if at any certification stage FSC certified (controlled) wood come into the ownership of any other enterprise, this enterprise also has to receive a Chain of custody (CoC) certificate.