Auditors and Consultants

Auditors and Consultants

Forest certification LLC doesn’t render consulting services to organizations. As a certification body we can’t combine certification and consulting services. It is the ironclad rule, which FC never contravenes. Please, pay attention; if any other certification body is offering or insinuating to you, that along with certification they will help you in its successful completing, it is a gross violation of impartiality. Probably, in the future this kind of certification company must have accreditation problems, what firstly impacts on its customers.

It is very important to choose a reliable certification body and good consultant, if you are not ready to cope with it by yourself.

Today in Russia there are several FSC/PEFC accredited certification bodies. Except our company, all of them are foreign. A long with FC, GFA (Germany) and NEPCon (Denmark) properly act in Russian market.

When choosing a certification body it is reasonable to take into account certification price, presence of auditors in you region (this fact can notably cut down your expenses), additional services of a certification body (support service). It is better to run a tender for certification services.

  • In case of Cooperation with the consolutants, it will let you get the following advantages:
  • Reduction of timeframes to prepare to certification;
  • Transparency and predictability of certification expenses;
  • Cutting costs for certification by means of avoiding of so-called unnecessary expenses;
  • Experience of consultant in resolving difficult issues (identification of HCVF, provision of sustainability);
  • Operating personnel do not have to deflect attention away from production tasks and etc.

Moreover, Forest Management certification includes some speсific work items, which an enterprise is not able to provide without additional trainings: such as identification of high conservation value forests, representative sites, development of conservation program for Red List animals. It is better to attract experts of this case from the beginning; they are able to provide fast and high-quality preparations.

In choosing a consultant, you can base on the following tips:

  • Prefer to work with juridical entity or private entrepreneur;
  • Cooperate with legally registered consultants. This kind of certification is provided by FSC Russian office, the whole list of these companies is available at their website www.fsc.ru;
  • Always ask consultants about their successful projects. Get in touch with previous clients of concerned consulting body;
  • Pay attention to consulting agreement: spell out financial responsibilities of consultant for providing nonconforming services.
  • Until you get the final results, do not effect full sum of payment to consultants .
  • The result of consulting services is certificate or absence of limitations for its issuing, claimed by certification body.

Do not cooperate with enterprises, which insinuate on their “friendly” connections with certification body. Firstly, it is unethical, secondly, is non-professionally.