This section is devoted to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, its’ types and the process. FSC certification is known as the most popular scheme among other voluntary forest certifications. There are several types of certification:

  • Forest Management certification, the main object of certification is forest management unit;
  • Chain of Custody certification includes all operations with timber: processing, trading, transfer;
  • Controlled Wood in Forest management can be considered as a “younger brother” of Forest Management certification, all operations in the forests are inspected not so detailed as during whole certification of a forest management unit.


Ideally, certification scheme includes certified forest management unit and all further steps (from wood processing till transfer to the final consumer), these steps are called Chain of Custody. Each stage of property passing to certified timber should be Chain of Custody certified. If a company is involved in wood transfer, stowage, processing, but the property right does not carry over to it, then this company does not have to receive FSC certificate.

Further you will receive more detailed information about the FSC scheme itself and all aspects of certification process.