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Types of SBP certificates

Types of SBP certificates

Please note that Forest Certification LLC does not offer SBP consultancy or certification and the following content is for information only.

SBP issues two types of certificates:

  • certificate of a Biomass producer;
  • certificate of a Chain of Custody.

The first type of certificates is for enterprises, which produce biofuel (chips, wood pellets) from woody materials. In SBP it is very important to indefy from where exactly enterprise gets raw materials. The sources of raw materials are divided in three types: primary (round wood after logging), secondary (wastes from wood processing) and tertiary raw materials (secondary processed materials, for example, used pallets).

Raw materials can be also classified as certified and non-certified. SBP accepts FSC, PEFC and SFI (North America) certification schemes. We insistently recommend to achieve FSC/PEFC certification before SBP, because if uncertified raw materials are used, it is required to conduct a Supply base evaluation.

SBP Chain of Custody certificates are required for the companies, who get the rights on certified biomass (including final consumers – energy producers).