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About SBP

About SBP

The Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) is one of the leading industrial initiatives, founded in 2013 year by the largest European energetic companies, which use biofuel (mainly wood pellers) for big thermal electric stations.

Generation of warmth and electricity from biomass is considered to be very important technology; by using it European Union is going to reach the highest rate in development of renewable energy sector by 2020 year. At national level, EU members adapt their methods of biofuel using for providing legalness and sustainability of raw materials sources.

The purpose of SBP is to develop the tools, needed for demonstration of accepting national requirements at least to solid biofuel, used for energy producing. SBP develops the standards, that let the biofuel producing and realizating companies demonstrate their accordance with valid normative requirements and requirements of sustainable forest management, forest chain of custody etc.

SBP fully confirms and belives to exciting successful forest certification schemes, as FSC and PEFC, it does want to compete with them or carry them off. SBP is the range of principles, standards and procedures, required for demonstration of meeting these requirements. Where it is possible, SBP widely uses FSC and PEFC standards, as well as procedures of other schemes of forest certification.

Six standards of SBP all together form certification scheme, which can be applied by organizations, using independent estimation of third parties represented by certification bodies. Showing enough level of meeting the requirements organization can be issued certificate and use SBP claim to produced wood pellets and blocks.

The main object of SBP certification is pellets/blocks producer. If raw materials are not FSC or PEFC certified wood, under SBP it is provided Legallness control system and system of compliance to sustainable and social requirements within wood raw materials processing. This access first and last meets requirements of FSC Controlled wood or due diligence system of PEFC Chain of Custody.

The enterprises with valid FSC or PEFC certificates of Forest management and Chain of Custody are more efficient for SBP certification. Potentially, this certification can be interested to enterprises, which produce and realize significant volume of wood pallets to countries of EU, highly qulity pellets can be used on the big generation objects in Europe.