FSC training

Forest Certification LLC is pleased to announce the training course for auditors in FSC Forest Management and FSC Chain of Custody certification.

Dates and location

The training takes place at Vozdvizhenskoe Park Hotel (Poselok Avagard, Serpukhov, Moscow Region) on 12-17 March, 2018.


In this six-day training course, you will acquire basic knowledge of certification schemes, FSC certification requirements, and audit methods.

The training is divided into three sessions:

  • Introduction to FSC and audit methodology
  • FSC Forest Management Certification
  • FSC Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood Certification

During the training course participants have to do drills, take midterm tests and pass a final exam. Program of the training includes lectures, discussions, workshops and business games, the interaction of trainers and learners, modeling of real-world situations, which promote the skills for FSC audit.

Course Aims

Our training course is for certificate holders, practicing and potential auditors of certification bodies, internal auditors, stakeholders, advisors, and NGO representatives.

Learning objectives

Training participants will be provided with knowledge and skills in following fields:

  • ISO audit principles and methods of ISO audit, required for scheduling and conducting FSC audits for adjusting these schemes in accordance with FSC-STD-20-001 V4-0 requirements;
  • Requirements of accreditation and certification FSC standards, needed for assessment and rendering reports on audit findings;
  • Requirements of FSC trademark use by certificate holders.

Training certificates

Successfully passed final exam Learners (not less than 70% of final grade) will receive Certificates of completion of theoretical training course on «Auditor of FSC forest management certification» and «Auditor of FSC Chain of Custody certification».

Certificates of participation in training course are granted to all learners, who did not pass final grade (final grade is less than 70%) but attended all classes.


Tuition fee for the six-day course «Auditor of FSC Forest Management and Chain of Custody certification» is 70.000 (seventy thousand) roubles, free of VAT.

The cost covers study materials, coffee breaks and two group transfers from Moscow and back on 11 and 18 March.`

Accommodation is not inclusive, but it can be at your request. FC undertakes the commitment to book the rooms in Vozdvizhenskoe Park Hotel for all participants (Check-in on 11 March, check out on 18 March), Superior room type, price per person – 39.240 roubles. Hotel invoice for accommodation will be sent along with training contract.


FC managers will be your tutors during the training course: Quality Director Oleg Konyushatov and Senior Auditor Vyacheslav Usanin, who have rich experience in teaching, scheduling, and conduction of FSC audits.

Training materials for participants

  • Methodological manual for training courses «Auditor of FSC forest management certification» and «Auditor of FSC Chain of Custody certification», containing regulatory documents (for educational purpose), materials for practical training, drills and templates for practice.
  • Midterm and final tests, notebook/paper, pen.

Due to providing most training materials in soft copy Learners will need the laptops (or any other electronic device, which is convenient for you and has USB connector) during the classes. FC will NOT provide participants with laptops.

Kindly note that number of participants is limited in accordance with FSC regulatory requirements and is 20 people during one course.

FC is participant of Boreal forest platform

«Forest certification» LLC has become a partner of Boreal forest platform. The boreal forest platform is a participatory platform which was developed to promote open dialogue and the exchange of experience amongst peers and professionals in the field of sustainable forestry. The platform also aims to, through working collaboratively with others, find a balance between timber industry development and protection of high conservation values of forests.
The Platform has been designed as an international initiative with a scope on all forests of the boreal and temperate zone however, the Platform’s current practical activities are focused on Russia. We hope that our experience will help the activity of colleagues at Boreal forest platform in Russia. Full information of its’ activity can be found at their website.

Client survey results

In an attempt to constantly improve quality of its services Forest certification LLC has conducted a client survey. More than 400 questionnaires of 7 questions were sent.

You were requested to assign a score on a 5-point scale (where 1 is “very low score” and 5 is “very high score”) and provide comments on the clarity of the certification procedures, quality of work of our auditors and administrative personnel, the cost-quality ratio, the level of meeting of expectations of the certificate.

We are glad to share the summarized results of our survey.

By now we have received 50 answers from the Russian companies and would like to first thank you for time spent.

On the first question “Availability and clarity of the FSC and PEFC certification procedures” the total score was 3,52. Most assigned scores of 3-4. By the procedures we mean both normative documents of the certification systems and our certification procedures. Of interesting comments it is possible to specify the problems with the terminology and very significant difficulties in understanding the certification standards at the first certification stage.

Quality of work of administrative personnel (keeping of correspondence, organization of audits, accounting issues etc.) was in general scored 3,77; it was nice to see that 65 % assigned scores of 4-5. In the comments you highlighted, first of all, delays in preparing of accounting documents. We will improve it.

The highest total score of 4,3 was assigned to our auditors. You evaluated the full scope of their work, including carrying out of audits, communication, business approach, openness and benevolence, clear representation of the audit results etc. 90% assigned scores of 4-5, with no respondent having assigned scores of 1-2. The comments also include mainly positive responses. One of the respondents has provided the following evaluation, I quote: “Of all companies operating in the Russian marketplace high industry qualification and clear formulation of the auditors’ requirements is an aspect that distinguishes high quality of works of Forest certification LLC”.

The FC certification service cost-quality ratio score is, in your opinion, 3,74, which is also good enough.

But the level of meeting of expectations of FSC and PEFC certification was in general assigned a score of 3,44. At that only on this question 18% assigned the lowest scores of 1-2. In their comments many specified no difference in the cost of certified and non-certified products and also a small number of certified enterprises in Russia. This mainly affects chain of custody certificates: even holding a certificate the company faces a significant lack of certified raw material. As for FC, we also consider a lack of certified round wood as one of the main deterrents for certification of the rest of the market.

The likelihood of further use of our services was assigned a score of 4,10. Among the comments we received the suggestions to agree upon the audit timeframes in advance, faster respond to requests, use simple terms in the clarification of the standards and procedures, conduct seminars more often and, of course, decrease the cost of our services :)

The first mass survey has confirmed its practicality, so we will continue to gather feedback. With your answers you indicate our weaknesses and, thus, help us becoming better, and we would like to thank you for that!

I would also like to share our plans for the nearest future. The largest project that will affect quality of our services is to introduce a world-class CRM system. As a decision we have chosen the system of the highest quality – Salesforce. This summer and autumn we will adapt it for our requirements. We intend to upload the whole lifecycle of the certification process to the cloud and provide an opportunity for our clients to see everything what happens with their certificates online through the personal account. First of all, it’s the status of nonconformities raised, timeframes for their closure, access to our procedures, and communication with the CAB. The introduction of this system is not new for CABS but for our company personally it will be a great step forward. In response to the active growth it already becomes a necessity.

Best regards, Pavel Trushevskii

Accreditation under 3rd version of FSC-STD-40-005

«Forest certification» LLC informs interested parties that on 2nd of May 2017 the accreditation body ASI has updated our accreditation scope to 3rd version of FSC Controlled Wood standard FSC-STD-40-005.

The corresponding link is here.

New PEFC accreditation

On 17th of February «Forest certification» LLC has renewed its PEFC forest management accreditation. The accreditation body OJSC «NTC Promyshlennaya bezopasnost» (Moscow) made relevant decision as a result of accreditation process including office assessment of FC and Forest Management witness audit of one of our clients.

New FC website

We are glad to present a new website of “Forest certification” LLC. This year we have presented new FC Logo, which reflects new strategy of our group of companies which is about international business development. The Logo is in the picture of the FC website design.

We have changed structure of information. Now it is presented more systematically by certification schemes. We’ve uploaded more FSC documents with translation into Russian.

It was decided to remove list of clients from the site, instead of it please use the official FSC and PEFC certificates holders’ bases.

We’ve also removed automatic mailout of FC news. From now on we’ll not send new information, to review our news please browse FC website regularly.

In total the website is more informative and user friendly. We’ll be glad to get your feedback to improve it in future.

Biofuel certification under SBP develops in Russia

On 09 April 2015 Forest certification LLC received an official status of the applicant for accreditation under the SBP system.

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