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Rights and duties

Rights and duties

The FSC certificate is issued to the Client if this Client:

  • Conscientiously and in proper time fulfills all requirements of Contract, including covering payments of all types of audit and fees, including accreditation fees.
  • Constantly fulfills (complies with) all provisions of certification standards and other applicable normative acts and the certification body’s reports.
  • Has signed the License agreement for using of FSC trademarks with FSC (applicable only for FSC certification).
  • Has signed the Association Declaration with FSC (applicable only for FSC CoC certification).
  • If the scope of certification is to be changed, the Client shall inform the certification body about it and the CB shall take a decision.

To confirm the certificate’s validity during its validity period the Client shall:

  • Fulfil all requirements of certification system and certification body’s applicable normative documents.
  • Fulfil all certification system’s and certification body’s requirements regarding public and other statements, logos, certification marks and use of trademarks for the product promotion.
  • Not to prevent the certification body and/or certification system and/or accreditation body from conducting all audits to confirm the Client’s conformity with all requirements of the system’s and CB’s normative documents.
  • Fulfil the procedure on responding and dealing with any complaints and appeals received by the Client, affecting the scope of its certification or potentially affecting it.

Notifications and information exchange

The Client shall inform the certification body in a written form directly before or at least within ten (10) calendar days since fulfillment of the following changes:

  • changing of its management structure, in particular changes in top management, changes in staff who can make binding decisions affecting the certification, as well as changes in the composition of technical staff responsible for the processes included in the Client’s certification scope;
  • changes of its’ status, in particular the legal, commercial, institutional or organizational changes in the legal form and / or ownership form;
  •  changes in products or production methods / forest management, size of the managed areas and applicable chemicals and pesticides as well as any other changes that may not conform to certification system normative documents;
  • changes of contact information of the Client and / or its responsible staff, as well as the location of industrial platforms, forest units and other similar changes;
  • changes in the quality management system, entailing changes in the field of certification and / or entailing an increase of risk of inconsistencies with the applicable requirements.

FSC trademarks use

Usage of FSC trademarks, namely the FSC logo in a form of the tree, name of the Forest Stewardship Council and FSC abbreviation shall comply with the FSC requirements (size of the label, registration mark etc.). Any use of the FSC trademark on-product or for commercial purposes is possible upon prior written approval by the СB.

The certification body has the right to suspend or withdraw the certificate immediately in case if the Client ceases meeting the requirements imposed on him by the certification scheme. The certification body will conduct surveillance audits of the certified Client annually or more often than once a year in line with the certification report containing special obligations of the Client regarding such surveillances.

If due to the Client’s fault it is impossible to carry out stipulated activities , the certificate shall be suspended, which will be immediately entered by the certification body in the certificate database; and the Client will be sent a notice about the reasons, suspension timeframes and conditions to renew the certificate.

If the Client does not fulfill conditions required to renew the certificate’s validity within the timeframes stipulated by the certification body, then the certificate is withdrawn, information about which is reflected by the certification body in the FSC database of issued certificates.

The certificate is also suspended or withdrawn if:

  • The Client does not pay for certification services or has paid not in full.
  • The Client directly or indirectly keeps the CB, certification system and/or accreditation body from conducting audits required.
  • Based on the audit findings, 5 (five) and more Major nonconformities to the requirements of the standards applicable during the assessment have been identified.
  • If the Client refuses to pay the annual administrative fee for any reason.

If the certificate is suspended or withdrawn , the Client shall immediately:

  • without additional notices by the СB, give back the certificate to the certification body or eliminate its original as well as make a commitment to eliminate any electronic and hard copies at its disposal with providing the certification body with evidence of the specified actions;
  • cease using any certification system’s and CB’s trademarks;
  • cease selling products with certification claims including previously labeled ones;
  • stop making claims implying that products manufactured by the Client comply with the certification system requirements;
  • identify all existing relevant customers and inform them in written form within 3 (three) working days from the moment of suspension or withdrawal that the certificate is suspended or withdrawn as well as maintain in running order records about such notification.
  • provide access and do not keep CB and certification system’s representatives from conducting audits to confirm that the Client has fulfilled these obligations after withdrawal and/or suspension of the certificate.
  • remove all variants of use certification system name, initials, logo, certification marks or trademarks from its products, documents, advertising or marketing materials at his own expense.