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Rights and duties

Rights and duties

To obtain and maintain certification, the client must:

  • Disclose information about the current / previous certification application and certification for the past five years;
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable certification requirements;
  • Provide the conditions necessary for the conduct of the audit and the resolution of complaints, including the appointment of authorized representatives to resolve all issues related to the conduct of audits, as well as access to documentation and to all parts of the organization, records and personnel;
  • Provide reliable evidence confirming the fulfillment of certification requirements;
  • Conclude a license agreement for the right to use the FSC trademark (only for FSC certification);
  • Sign a declaration of association with FSC (only for FSC certification);
  • Use the certificate only for the scope defined in the certificate;
  • Carry out corrective actions and corrective actions based on the results audit;
  • Pay in due time all expenses related to certification, incl. annual administration fee;
  • Use FSC trademarks on product and for promotional purposes subject to prior written approval from the certification body;
  • Inform the certification body within 10 calendar days of changes , for example, in structure, management, contractors, location, contact details, ownership, forestry or production practices, etc. that significantly affect the fulfillment of certification requirements;
  • Agree to supervise the accreditation body;
  • Provide auditors with access to records of existing complaints and claims;
  • Do not use certificate and certification documents (audit reports etc.) in such a way that it could discredit the certification body, accreditation body, certification system as a whole, or mislead consumers.


The suspension or cancellation of the certificate is carried out in the following cases: 

  • If the Client ceases to meet the certification requirements;
  • If the Client does not pay for certification services or did not pay in full;
  • If the Client directly or indirectly interferes with the audit by the authority for certification or accreditation body;
  • If, based on the results of audits, five or more significant non-conformities with certification requirements are revealed in the activities of the Client;
  • If the Client for some reason refuses to pay an annual one administrative fee.


In case of suspension or revocation of the certificate, the Client must:

  • Without additional notifications from the certification body, return the certificate to the certification body or destroy its original, as well as destroy any electronic and paper copies of the certificate with the provision of evidence of these actions;
  • Stop using the trademarks of the certification system and the certification body;
  • Stop selling certified products, incl. .h. pre-labeled.
  • Stop making claims that the customer’s products are in compliance with certification requirements.
  • Identify all key customers and notify them in writing of the suspension or cancellation within three business days of the suspension or withdrawal, and maintain a record of this.
  • Certification and certification system in conducting an audit in order to obtain confirmation of the client’s fulfillment of these obligations after the revocation and / or suspension of the certificate.
  • Remove all uses of names, initials, logos, certification marks or trademarks from their products, documents , advertising or marketing materials.


Detailed information on the rights and obligations of the client will be specified in the certification agreement.