About us


The main type of services provided by Forest Certification LLC is certification services for forestry enterprises for compliance with the requirements of the international systems FSC, PEFC and SBP.

The main source of funding for Forest Certification LLC activities are client’s payment for assessment services of following assessments: pre-assessment, main, control, recertification, unscheduled (to assess changes in the area of ​​certification or to close previously identified inconsistencies). Assessments can be in the field (with a visit to the site, forest or office) and remote. The type of assessment depends on the purpose of its conduct.

Additional sources of fundings are:

— conducting trainings and seminars on FSC requirements in strict observance of the principles of impartiality, openness and transparency;

— the research work related to the observation of regulatory framework over the use of forest, timber products markets, traceability.

In the near future we plan to expand the list of educational courses including PEFC and SBP.

The specified types of work are not basic and are implemented on an irregular basis. LLC «Forest Certification» has no other sources of income.

You can get additional information on the cost of certification depending on the certification system and type of work in the «Get a quote» section.