About us


Contacts with government authorities, key clients, key stakeholders; participation at industrial events – FC Director Nataliia Trushevskaia (Moscow)

  • Office phone: +7 (495) 640-84-92
  • E-mail: Director.FC@fcert.ru


Communication with customers, applications processing, explanation of the normative documentation requirements, preparation of commercial offers, concluding contracts with Clients, planning of audits of the new clients, audit team creation, monitoring of the audit experts work — Director on Clients Alexey Romanenko (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Mobile +7-921-775-09-01
  • E-mail: a.romanenko@fcert.ru


Organisation and conduct of external and internal training programs, qualification and attestation of auditors — Educational Programs Director Oleg Konyushatov (Vologda)

  • Mobile: +7-911-508-94-32
  • E-mail: Oleg.Konyushatov@fcert.ru
  • Skype: oleg.konyushatov


Documentation management of certification programs, CRM management, registration of certificates — Manager (Moscow)

  • Office phone +7 (495) 640-84-92
  • E-mail: administrator@fcert.ru