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Conflict of interests

Conflict of interests

Forest Certification LLC maintains records of possible conflicts of interest and actions that have been taken to eliminate or to avoid these potential conflicts.

Conflicts of interest may arise, for example, when conducting audits of the forest industry enterprises, in case if the auditor previously either provided consultancy services to the enterprise, or has an interest in its successful financial activity.

In order to avoid such cases, at the audit planning stage all experts of the company guarantee their impartiality with the subject of audit and disinterest in its activities by signing additional agreements to contracts for the provision of expert services. Alongside with that, such a verification is carried out by the company’s management.

In addition, the company’s management system excludes the possibility of combining the same functions by the same experts while implementing the full range of certification activities (participation in audits, report review, certification decisions).

In case if a possible conflict of interest is identified and a corresponding action is taken during the preparation or conduct of the assessment, information regarding these facts will be placed in this section.

If you would like to receive additional information about the procedure for handling complaints and appeals, as well as the potential conflicts of interest identified by us or by you, please send a request. Contact details can be found on the main page.

Furthermore, you can send a request for information about the actions we have taken to prevent potential conflicts of interest.

After receiving the request, this information as well as information about the actions taken by us, will be provided within 2 weeks.