About us

About us

Forest Certification LLC is the only Russian company that is not a representative office or branch of a foreign company and directly holds accreditation in three systems.

Today we are one of the few certification which have competencies in the matter of the FSC, PEFC and SBP certification schemes.

We have been successfully operating on the market for over 10 years and have a few obvious competitive advantages:

  • Best value of certification services;
  • Immediate decision-making upon certification (at least in two weeks);
  • a high level of competence of our employees;
  • Wide range of auditors across Eastern Europe and Russia;
  • Unique informational support system for the certificate holders.

Forest Certification LLC provides services for the assessment of forestry enterprises in Russia and around the world:

  • FSC Forest Management certification (FSC FM) – Worldwide;
  • FSC Chain of Custody certification (FSC CoC) – worldwide;
  • PEFC Sustainable Forest Management (PEFC FM) –  Russia and Ukraine;
  • PEFC Chain of Custody certification (PEFC CoC) – worldwide;
  • SBP — Russia.


We carry out certification on the following schemes

FSC system:

  • Individual FSC Forest Management certification (including multiple sites), except SLIMF certification;
  • Group FSC Forest Management certification , except SLIMF certification;
  • Individual FSC Chain of Custody certification;
  • Group FSC Chain of Custody certification;
  • Multi-site FSC Chain of Custody certification;
  • FSC Controlled Wood in Forest Management certification against FSC-STD-30-010 standard requirements.


PEFC system:

  • Individual Forest Management certification;
  • Group Forest Management certification;
  • Individual Chain of Custody certification;
  • Chain of Custody certification for applicants with multiple sites.


SBP system:

  • SBP Standard 2 Verification of SBP-compliant raw materials;
  • SBP Standard 4 Chain of Custody;
  • SBP Standard 5 Collection and communication of data.

Forest Certification LLC works equally effectively throughout Russia, in Ukraine, Belarus, China, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. Our auditors live in the central part, in the North-West, in Siberia, in Ukraine. This allows clients to reduce the cost of relocating auditors to conduct audits.

On our website you will find all the information you need about FSC, PEFC and SBP certification, incl. brief information about these systems, their features, procedure and cost of obtaining certificates